Hostinger Cloud Hosting SSD Storage 35% Off Starts ₹455/mo

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Fully managed hosting with SSD storage, Free cPanel, Instant setup and up to 10x faster. The power of SSD + Simplicity of cPanel. Secure, powerful and easily scalable.


For small, growing businesses on a budget3 Years @ 455 /mo700/moSAVE 35%BUY NOW

  • Host 1 Website
  •  Free SSL Certificate
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Unmetered† SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered† Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel


Performance & Value to accelerate your business3 Years @ 585 /mo900/moSAVE 35%BUY NOW

  • Host Unlimited Website
  •  Free SSL Certificate
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Unmetered† SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered† Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel


The Ultimate Solution for Your Business3 Years @ 690 /mo1060/moSAVE 35%BUY NOW

  • Host Unlimited Website
  •  Free SSL Certificate
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Unmetered† SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered† Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel

Experience incredible hosting with our cloud servers in India to give your website the speed that it deserves. Our Cloud Hosting services in India are furnished with the latest technology to provide you with incredible performance for your hosting. To manage your Cloud Web Hosting, you can avail free cPanel to manage email, domains and other important files.

One of the major benefits of using Cloud Hosting solutions is that it is more cost-efficient and scalable in building applications. With our Personal, Business and Pro plans, users can upgrade their Cloud Hosting plans easily and benefit from high CPU and RAM on demand, that too, with a single click.

Cloud Website Hosting services have reflected crosswise over 3 particular gadgets on various drives and cupboards to guarantee a consistent change in case of any equipment issues. Our cutting edge foundation ensures your information is in safe hands as a result of data mirroring. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hosting Plans


If you are an individual who is looking to get started with a website as soon as possible, Cloud Web Hosting is the best bet. Even if you are a small business that is running on a tight budget, ‘Personal’ is the ideal Cloud Hosting Plan for you.


If you are already an established business and are looking to boost the presence of your website further, our ‘Business’ plan is ideal for you. Buy this Cloud Hosting plan to host unlimited websites and set your online business in the desired direction. Hostinger Cloud Hosting


The ‘Pro’ plan is the ultimate solution for businesses that want to take their hosting to another level. Equipped with high RAM and disk space, avail the capacity to accommodate more than 500,000 visitors on a monthly basis. So, if you are a business that means business, buy Cloud Hosting ‘Pro’ plan. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Plan3 Years2 Years1 Year6 Months3 Months1 Month
Personal SSD₹455₹490₹525₹595₹595₹595
Business SSD₹585₹630₹675₹765₹765₹767
Pro SSD₹690₹740₹795₹900₹900₹900
Plan3 Years2 Years1 Year6 Months3 Months1 Month
Personal SSD₹520₹560₹600₹680₹680₹680
Business SSD₹650₹700₹750₹850₹850₹850
Pro SSD₹755₹810₹870₹985₹985₹985

The FREE cPanel makes management super easy. Manage all your email accounts, domains & orders with zero complications. Setup your Cloud Hosting package in minutes and get your website on the cloud.

Which One to Choose?CloudShared
Ideal Use caseMedium to heavy traffic blog, growing e-commerce businesses, dynamic content, etc.Low traffic e-commerce/ product catalogue, static content, low traffic blog, etc.
Concurrent Website Visitors (Recommended)25000+5000 -10000
Nature of ResourcesSharedShared
cPanel Included
Free Website Migrations
Data recovery in case of hardware failure
Upgrade CPU and RAM instantly

What is Hostinger Cloud Hosting?

Product Description

With Hostinger Cloud Hosting Services, cater to your growing website traffic by upgrading your CPU and RAM on demand with a single click. Cloud need not be complex! Our Cloud Hosting includes cPanel which makes it easy to build and manage, even for small websites.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Technical Specifications

Core Software

cPanelLatest cPanel
MySQL version (server)5.6.32
MySQL client5.1.73
BIND DNS Server9.8.2
One Click InstallSupported
ionCube LoaderYes
Zend EngineYes
cURL Library FunctionsYes
MySQL Stored ProceduresYes


MySQL version (server)5.6.32
MySQL clientYes
Toad for MySQLYes

Additional Supported Software

Zend OptimizerAvailable
Zend Guard LoaderAvailable
mod_rewrite / URL rewriteAvailable
Ruby On RailsAvailable
Javascripts (only if embedded in HTML)Available
soap moduleAvailable


Password protected foldersSupported
Hotlink ProtectionSupported
Leech ProtectionSupported




What is Hostinger Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hostingis a new-age web hosting solution that stores your website data on multiple servers. While multiple websites are hosted together, Cloud Hosting providers employ an advanced cloud storage solution to store the data of the hosted websites. Cloud Hosting services entail a collection of storage solutions to ensure high data redundancies. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Why do you need Hostinger Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Website Hosting is the latest buzzword in the web hosting arena, with more and more users choosing to ‘Move to the Cloud’ for their hosting needs. In Cloud Hosting solutions, the resources required to store the website database are spread across multiple servers, thereby guaranteeing advanced data security. As it employs the cloud, Cloud Hosting services in India have become the choice of people across multiple sectors – from startups, SMBs to large organizations. You need Cloud Web Hosting to:

  1. Tide over the limitations of traditional hosting
  2. Handle the growing needs of your website efficiently, improve conversion rates
  3. Employ cloud storage solutions for high data redundancy, easy backups and automatic recovery
  4. Ensure maximum uptime for your website and reduce website abandonment
  5. Enjoy seamless one-click resource scalability Hostinger Cloud Hosting
  6. Get high performance and faster load speeds for your website to improve user experience
  7. Avail advanced security by eliminating the single point of failure for your site data
  8. Invest in an affordable hosting solution for your dynamic website

The best Cloud Hosting services offer a simple and effective hosting platform for your website at affordable rates.

When can Hostinger Cloud Hosting be used? In which scenarios is it recommended?

Cloud Hosting is emerging to be the hosting of choice for many businesses. However, many people still question the need and the right time for deploying Cloud Hosting solutions. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

You should buy Cloud Hosting services when you need to go beyond the existing hosting capacities, and employ a more powerful, scalable and secure hosting solution. Cloud Web Hosting is recommended when you wish to upgrade from the traditional hosting services. Following are some scenarios which demand the deployment of Cloud Hosting solutions:

  1. Need for advanced data protection: If your website requires secure storage solutions for your site data, opt for the best Cloud Hosting in India for its high data redundancy.
  2. Get seamless data backups and automatic recovery: With advanced data mirroring, you can avail Cloud Website Hosting to ensure easy backup and restore of data.
  3. Avail higher uptime: Is your website always down? Move to the best Cloud Hosting in India to get maximum uptime guarantee for your website.
  4. Enjoy easy resource scalability: If you have a dynamic website with constant traffic surges, opt for Cloud Hosting solutions that offer one-click scalability.
  5. Manage high traffic: High traffic websites require a hosting solution that offers good data backup and quick up-scaling of hosting resources to accommodate the rising traffic. Cloud Hosting can be an ideal solution here.
  6. Improve website speed and performance: If your existing hosting solution has not been able to offer the speed and performance necessary for your website, you should switch to the best Cloud Hosting service. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

What are the benefits of deploying Hostinger Cloud Hosting services?

Cloud Hosting entails applying the Cloud architecture in the web hosting sphere. In Cloud Web Hosting, your site data is stored across multiple servers to ensure better data protection and advanced security. ResellerClub offers the best Cloud Hosting services that combine the power of Cloud (redundancy, scalability, performance) with the simplicity of Shared Hosting (hosting setup, affordability). Here are the significant benefits of Cloud Website Hosting for your website:

  1. High scalability of resources: The best Cloud Hosting providers in India offer one-click scalability of hosting resources. This seamless resource scalability allows you to manage traffic spikes with ease without facing any downtime.
  2. Advanced data backup and restore setup: The cloud-based storage solutions with Cloud Hosting allows easy backup of data as well as automated recovery in case of any failure.
  3. Secure and redundant storage: The triple data redundancy and data mirroring with Cloud Hosting services ensure that your data is protected even in case of failures and makes it easy to restore the mirrored data.
  4. Improved performance and speed: The low-density servers, along with advanced caching solutions like Varnish, boost website speed, eventually improving the site performance.
  5. High uptime guarantee: Cloud Hosting solutions assure that your website is always up and running by eliminating the single point of failure and ensuring adequate data redundancies.
  6. Better user experience: With all the above benefits, Cloud Web Hosting improves user experience, eliminates website abandonment and boosts conversion rates.
  7. Affordable hosting solution: Cloud Hosting services cost lower than some traditional hosting solutions. Considering the host of features offered, Cloud Website Hosting is extremely cost-effective. Also, with easy scalability, you can start off with a basic plan and scale up as and when the business grows. Hostinger Cloud Hosting
  8. Fully Managed Hosting: The best Cloud Hosting providers offer fully Managed Cloud Hosting services. As the prerogative of the server upkeep and hosting management lies with your cloud hosting provider, managed services allow you to dedicate complete effort and time to your business.

How is Cloud Hosting different from other types of hosting? Is it better?

  1. The major difference between Cloud Web Hosting and other hosting solutions is the use of multiple servers for data storage. The redundant storage makes Cloud Hosting services highly secure for your site data.
  2. Cloud Hosting offers higher flexibility as compared to other hosting types when it comes to the one-click scalability of hosting resources.
  3. Cloud Hosting offers maximum uptime guarantee than other hosting types.
  4. Cloud Hosting costs cheaper than traditional Dedicated Servers.

Cloud Website Hosting is better than traditional hosting solutionswhen it comes to redundant storage, resource scalability, cost-effectiveness and eventual performance boost. Hostinger Cloud Hosting

The HostingerClub advantage

ResellerClub facilitates safe and reliable Cloud Hosting solutions for web pros and SMBs alike. Our technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the needs of web professionals have been key drivers in building customized Cloud Hosting plans.

At ResellerClub, a focused effort is made to provide computing and storage resources securely and conveniently. Hence, as Cloud Hosting providers, we ensure that our services are updated with the latest requirements so that customers can avail the best Cloud Hosting services of their choice.

Most Cloud Hosting providers like to define Cloud Hosting as a service that binds many servers together to provide users with large storage space and bandwidth. On the other hand, we at ResellerClub like to define Cloud Website Hosting as an on-demand service that helps users to scale with just one click.

ResellerClub provides the best Cloud Hosting services that are super easy to manage with the help of cPanel. Our Cloud Hosting plans allow you to seamlessly manage multiple domains, email accounts and orders, without any delay or an elaborate setup. Additionally, turbocharge your website speed by 1000% with pre-integrated Varnish cache, a web application accelerator with our Cloud Web Hosting plans.

In order to ensure data security, ResellerClub provides seamless integration with the help of data mirroring services across 3 distinct devices. This feature in our Cloud Hosting solution guarantees an easy transition to another environment in case of any hardware issues.

With new-age, low-density servers and cutting edge hardware, ResellerClub seeks to provide your website with a huge performance boost.

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